Consultancy Services

WE provide consultancy services, including audits and research and development for:


  1. Lubrication Systems.
  2. Water Cooling Systems.
  3. Hydraulic Systems.
  4. Pneumatic systems.
  5. Descaler systems.
  6. Air/Oil Systems.
  7. Grease Systems.
  8. Filtration Technology.
  9. Vacuum Dehydration Technology.
  10. Mechanical Equipment.
  11. Heat Exchanger analysis.
  12. Interconnecting Piping and piping installation and supervision.
  13. Piping Flushing systems and processes.
  14. Tribology consultancy. Lubricants selection, applications and tests.  Standard Worcester Oil Behavior Test (SWBOT) .
  15. Rolling mill upgrade consultancy and audits.
  16. Water Treatment plants definition.
  17. Highly advanced Fluids engineering software and programming, including finite element analysis, sequential production hydraulic systems and complete rolling mills Fluids systems analysis, costing and proposal work.

WFT - CFD analysis of the cooling process in a high speed mill.

In Worcester Fluids Technology, WE are committed to provide the highest quality services and support possible to fully comply with our customer's requirements and needs.